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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Man.....

A Man……..

By: Shannon R Fields

Tells you that you are beautiful when you least expect it

On occasion sends you “Good Morning” or “I love you” texts

Would stand up for you against anyone- foreign or domestic

Laughs with you, cries with you, really listens to you

Loves you unconditionally

Shares his t-shirts

Is spontaneous

Is not to proud to let you lead

Looks at you like you are the most beautiful woman in the world

Knows that you have flaws and loves you in spit of them

Takes care of you when you are sick or drunk

Loves pictures and making memories

Is not afraid to let loose

Wipes away your tears

Knows when you need a hug

Doesn’t abandon ship when the waters get rocky

Isn’t afraid to hold you hand or kiss you in public

Is proud to introduce you to everyone he knows

Knows how you take your coffee and what you eat on your sandwich

Enjoys laying on the couch watching movies as much as going out

Knows your fears, goals, dreams, and fantasies

Can talk to you about anything and visa versa

Means “sorry” when he says it

Holds the door open for you

Carries in your groceries

Finishes your sentences

Lets you drive

Never quits


I wrote this a long time ago and just happened to find it when I was cleaning out my external hard drive. However random it seems like perfect timing. And as I read over it for the first time in years I realized that this is still what I want in a man.


  1. You need to read EVERY SINGLE LINE and be willing to do the SAME EXACT THING for "THAT MAN".

  2. I reread what was there after reading your post and honestly i dont get selfish; I didnt say that this is to sum up a relationship or that I am unwilling to anything for the "man" in question; Since I am divorced I feel like I have a pretty good understanding that any relationship is about compromise or balance; that is the lesson that I took from my first failed marriage; and I am not perfect or even close but if you have a good idea of what you want and expect from a partner I feel like it is easier to communicate and to find a person that wants to fill those shoes; and likewise I would want to be what someone else wanted; I guess I could write a response called "Being a Perfect Woman" or "being what a man wants"; And most of the things on that list so to speak are what make up a good relationship period; Honesty, unconditional love, support, kindess, I guess I could say that of course I would be willing to do those things. But I also wouldnt presume to tell someone else what they wanted based off what I want in a partner; that to me seems selfish